Non Resident Permits/Licenses

Currently, 14 states do not recognize the Utah concealed firearm permits. States that do not issue a non-resident permit/license to Utah residents are; California, Hawaii, Illinois, Oregon, New Mexico*, and New York.

Of the remaining states; Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota*, New Jersey, Rohde Island, South Carolina, and Washington D.C. all issue a non-resident permit/license. You may be required to have a Utah concealed firearm permit, complete additional training, and meet other requirements prior to applying for a permit/license from these states.

NOTE: To carry a concealed firearm in Minnesota and New Mexico, obtain a permit/license from a state below, even though these states already recognize the Utah permit.
• Arizona concealed weapon permit = New Mexico (EASIEST)
• Idaho enhanced concealed weapon license = Minnesota & New Mexico
• Nevada concealed firearm permit = Minnesota








New Jersey

Rhode Island

South Carolina

Washington D.C.