Upgrading Provisional Permit To Standard Permit

The provisional concealed firearm permit expires on the permit holder’s 21st birthday.
BCI cannot accept an application more than 60 days prior to the expiration date of the provisional permit.

To apply "upgrade" to the standard permit you must submit:
• A new completed concealed firearm permit application
• One fingerprint card
• One passport picture with your full name written on the back
• One copy of your provisional permit*
• Application fee (Utah residents $53.25 | nonresident $63.25)

*You do not need to retake the concealed firearm permit class.

As stated in 53-5-704. (1)(a) it can take up to 60 days after receiving an application to obtain a concealed firearm permit.
Due to the expiration of the provisional permit and submitting a new application for the standard permit, there may be a gap in time where it would be ILLEGAL for you to carry a concealed firearm until you receive the standard concealed firearm permit.

You can obtain the fingerprints and passport picture from the businesses below