H.B. 243 Domestic Violence Modifications

This Bill passed the 2019 Legislative Session, signed into law by Governor Herbert and effective as of May 14th, 2019

H.B. 243 Domestic Violence Modifications

Section Affected:
U.C.A. 76-10-523. Persons exempt from weapons laws.

Under this Bill it would exempt a person who is issued a protective order under Subsection 78B-7-106(1)(b) or 78B-7-404(1)(b), from the provisions of Subsections 76-10-504(1) and (2), and Section 76-10-505 which would allow the person to carry a concealed firearm without a permit, unless the person is a restricted person as described in Subsection 76-10-503(1), for a period of 120 days after the day on which the person is issued the protective order.

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