H.B. 477 Property Owners Amendments

This Bill failed the 2019 Legislative Session

H.B. 477 Property Owners Amendments

Section Affected:
U.C.A. 57-22-4. Owner’s duties.
U.C.A. 57-22-5.1. Crime victim’s right to new locks — Domestic violence victim’s right to terminate rental agreement — Limits an owner relating to assistance from public safety agency.

Section Enacted:
U.C.A. 57-24-103. Restriction on certain prohibitions.

This Bill would;
• Prohibit a residential property management authority from prohibiting the display of certain objects, signs, and symbols and the lawful possession of a firearm for personal defense;

Section 57-24-103 Restriction on certain prohibitions is enacted to read:
(1) A residential property management authority may not prohibit a resident from:
(a) displaying a political sign or symbol;
(b) displaying an object, sign, or symbol of religious significance; or
(c) the lawful possession of a firearm for personal defense.
(2) In any action to enforce this section, the court shall award the prevailing party costs and reasonable attorney fees.
(3) This section applies to a contract or agreement entered into on or after May 14, 2019.


Because this Bill would prohibit a residential property management authority, such as an apartment complex, from restricting your right of free speech, free exercise of religion, political affiliation or your right to have a firearm in your apartment, we do not oppose this Bill.

 We Support This Bill

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