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11 Mar
H.B. 489 Concealed Carry Amendments Section Affected: U.C.A. 53-5-704. Bureau duties -- Permit to carry concealed firearm -- Certification for concealed firearms instructor -- Requirements for issuance -- Violation -- Denial, suspension, or revocation --...
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11 Mar
H.B. 152 Voluntary Commitment Of A Firearm Sections Affected: U.C.A. 53-5c-201. Voluntary commitment of a firearm by owner cohabitant -- Law enforcement to hold firearm. Under this Bill it would define an "owner cohabitant" to...
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10 Mar
H.B. 17 Firearm Violence and Suicide Prevention Amendments Section Affected: U.C.A. 53-5-707. Concealed firearm permit -- Fees -- Concealed Weapons Account. U.C.A. 62A-15-103. Division -- Creation -- Responsibilities. U.C.A. 62A-15-1101. Suicide prevention -- Reporting requirements. U.C.A. 63I-1-262. Repeal dates,...
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